The Dentosophie or Dentozófia® so-called ’Wisdom of Teeth’ This therapy allows the patient to take part in their own treatment. The name ’dentosophie’ comes from the union of the Latin word ’dens’, the tooth, and from the greek ’sophia’, indicating wisdom. It literally means ’Wisdom of Teeth’. Dentosophie is tooth therapy that establishes the link between our mouth and the rest of our body, physical, organic and psycho-affective. It is the result of clinical researches and observations conducted since 1984 by some French dental surgeons, by Dr. Rodrigue Mathieu and Dr. Michel Montaud, later joined, by Dr. Jean-François Ardouin. It is an experimental science based on clear realization of phenomena where repetition could be analysed as decisive. It would be inaccurate to use the word ’therapy’ to express what the treatment is about, nevertheless I’ll use it in this introduction for simplicity’s sake.
Dentosophie is a therapy that has a humanistic point of view in dental trade. It makes evident the connection and the sensitive balance between the oral human and the human being, as an organic whole. It gives people the opportunity to achieve a change for the better, because the person is directly involved in the process. The mouth has been recognized by Dentosophie as central in the balance of the whole organism. What makes the real difference between Dentosophie and conventional dental cure is that throughout the therapy the connection is present.

This therapy is based on dental functional techniques. It allows treating the whole mouth-dental dysmorphoses avoiding almost always teeth extraction and it aims to re-establish the mouth balance to find again its general balance (muscle and posture problems, backache, headache, ORL pathologies, asthma, difficulty in concentration, nervous child, depression, etc.)
The main tool used by this method is called, multipurpose activator. If the activator is used properly with the mastication exercises, including its night use,  the therapy will bring incredible change to the teeth and these results will surely remain stable in long term. Above all, it brings changes for patients, on their own personality. The patient is always at the center of the therapy. The balance that becomes real at oral level automatically gives balance to all the body. The role of the dentist is simply to wait on and to help in the development.
The therapy can be started at all ages. The most spectacular results come from
children. Anxious children, become calm, in the short term they begin to write well, without mistakes. All this can happen without the use of metal braces every day. The child’s tongue goes back to the right position, consequently breathing through the nose stabilizes.

There are two books. One is called ‘The Wisdom of Teeth’ and it was written by
Michel Montaud, who invented this therapy and has been successful for 30 years now. It has been published in France and in Italy, and there are editions in Hungary, Poland, England, and Germany.

These are the results we have had in 30 years of experience:
– Oral balance. No more disfunctions, paradental problems and other  pathologies.
– Body balance, including the skeleton and general health.
– From this psycho-emotional balance the quality of sleep improves, the social connection and the connection with oneself, as recorded by the documentation of our patients.
– The therapist will have professional success, as Italian, French, Swiss, etc. have had by making knowledge their own. Success will increase patient’s satisfaction.

Thank you for your attention!